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Liquid Fasting

My reasons

Liquid Fasting is currently one of the hot topics when it comes to healthy living and weight control. As I just finished my second round of liquid fasting in March, I decided to share my experiences with you.
My main reason for fasting was to reset my metabolism and give my body a fresh start after all the feasting in December. Christmas is the time of the year when enjoying food and wine, especially for a culinary lover like me, can get a bit out of hand. Which makes January the perfect month for fasting.

My way of fasting

There are many ways to fast, my choice was a week long liquid fasting, using a „ready-to-go „ box from Biotta, a Swiss brand specialized in production of juices. The so called ‚Wellness Week‘ box contains all the products, such as pasteurized fruit and vegetable juices, linseeds and a herbal tee, that are needed for the fasting, along with an easy to follow instruction leaflet. Of course you can use any other juices or even make your own at home, whatever you prefer. My reasons for this „ready-to-go“ option was simply it’s convenience. I opted for a solution which works smoothly along with my other duties such as work, study and being mum. Fasting can be challenging enough, especially if you try to integrate it into your normal life.
As mentioned, I did two rounds of fasting between January and March, more to come later this year. Obviously, I’m a big fan and very excited about the results, mainly the energy boost during and after the fasting. I lost a bit of weight both times, which is a nice side effect, but wasn’t my main motivation as it isn’t very long lasting. Unless you use the fasting week as a start of a new nutrition or incorporate regular fasting days into your weekly routine. Just recently I read an article about the positive effects of fasting on the human cell regeneration. Simply said, fasting is making our body cells younger and healthier. Doesn’t that sound great?

My experience

The experience from my first fasting round was very good, I almost never felt hungry, and cravings for sweets disappeared quite fast. The only negative experience was the strong headache in the beginning of the week, mainly due to caffeine withdrawal. Usually I drink three plus cups of coffee every day. To avoid headache I would have to stop, or at least reduce this habit few days before fasting, which I didn’t. To fight the headache, I decided to drink a black espresso every morning. Caffeine is not allowed during the fasting, but working and parenting with headache is really not fun.
I did the first fasting week together with my husband and two friends and I really enjoyed the support we gave each other during the various stages. I found it quite interesting how different everyone’s experience is, although we all had the exactly same routine. Our mental and physical state has such a huge impact on how the fasting process goes.
The second time I fasted alone, and it wasn’t always easy to watch my son and husband eat dinner, or even worse, prepare meals for them. I included coffee from the beginning and got no headache at all. It was definitely the right decision for me as taking pain killers isn’t really good either, right? I felt more hungry this time and got fed up with the juices quicker, but managed to finish the week despite. Now I’m already planning the next fasting round in June…

My learnings

The right moment is crucial. Sunny and warm season is good for the motivation. Try to avoid super busy & stressful times, with too many social activities. Distraction is good, but meeting people and watching them eat or drink while you are sipping on your juice is not fun. If you drink coffee or black tea regularly, try to reduce your consumption the days, or even weeks, prior to your fasting. If you still get a headache during the fasting week, take a nap or have a cup of black coffee. Sometimes even deep and slow breathing helps. Spend as much time as possible outside. Walking, biking, swimming, basically any kind of easy outdoor activity is good. Our body is detoxing in many different ways and moving supports this process a lot.

Perhaps the best advice and my lesson learned is to take the fasting easy and don’t put too high expectations on yourself. Listen to your body, see how it reacts. Your body will tell you when you should rest, drink or sleep. Learning how to listen to my body was one of the most positive effects from fasting.

This post reflects my opinion and is not sponsored. I hope you enjoyed reading it and maybe even got motivated to try out fasting yourself. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the comments area below. I would love to hear from you.

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