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Why should you visit

Switzerland is full of breathtaking places worth visiting. In this blog post I will take you to the Rhine Falls, an unique place located in the northern part of Switzerland, near the town of Schaffhausen. The Rhine Falls, an extremly impresive natural spectacle and the largerst waterfall in Europe, are one of the places to go when in Switzerland.

Castle Wörth

When is the best time to visit

I visited the Rhine Falls in fall. At that time, especially as a result of a very hot and dry summer, the water level of the river Rhine was quite low. This had an impact on the Falls as well, apparently making them look less impressive than usually, a fact that didn’t bother me as I wouldn’t even notice, hadn’t another tourist told me. As the weather is rarely too extreme in Switzerland you can come to see the Falls any time of the year. In spring, the water level is higher which makes the Falls look more impressive. In summer the weather is warmer and steady which makes outdoor activities more enjoyable. In fall the surrounding nature turns beautifully colorful and makes the Falls looks picture perfect.

The Rhine Falls

What will you experience

The Rhine Falls are very easy-to-reach by either car or by public transportation. The car trip from Zurich takes aproximately 45 minutes, with plenty of parking spaces provided on both sides of the Rhine Falls, the Zurich and the Schaffhausen side. A direct train connection form Zurich’s Main Station takes 50 minutes to Neuhausen Rheinfall station and 45 minutes to the Schloss Laufen Station. The Rhine Falls are located on the border of two Swiss cantons, Canton of Zurich and Canton of Schaffhausen and can be access from both sides. Accessing on the Zurich side, one can visit the Schloss Laufen, a medival castle beautifully located on a top of a hill. On the Schaffhausen side, one can walk along the river Rhine or enjoy a nice meal or coffee at the terrace of the Schloss Wörth, a smaller castle. From both sides, boat trips can be taken to explore the Falls from near. 

Sunset at river Rhine

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