The emerald heron is a blog created by Alexandra Collet and dedicated to all travel, food and lifestyle enthusiasts.

Born and raised in Slovakia, I moved to Switzerland in my early twenties. After years of working as accounting & human resources specialist I decided to pursue a more creative career as Interior Designer and blogger. I live near Zurich together with my husband and son. 

My passion for new trends, especially related to food, travel and lifestyle is endless and the main reason for starting this blog. While coffee is my fuel and lifelong obsession, many other come and go. My appetite for knowledge is huge and I’m almost always reading, be it books, newspaper, magazines, wikipedia or basically anything else I can find. My life goal is to be happy and become the best version of myself. When not reading & drinking coffee I’m probably meditating, doing Yin Yoga or dreaming of my own Dachshund.

I hope you will find some joy and some useful information on my blog. Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to answer them.

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